Steel Reuse Event 8th October 2019

SCI hosted an event at the Building Centre in London on 8th October 2019 to disseminate the findings from two large European research projects that SCI are working on.

PROGRESS is focused on the reuse of steel construction products from existing, single-storey buildings and also how to design new single-storey buildings so that they can be deconstructed and reused in the future.

REDUCE is focussed on multi-storey steel buildings; particularly the design and testing of new, demountable composite construction systems and demountable structural steelwork connections. In addition, REDUCE addresses the use of BIM to facilitate structural steel reuse and the economic and environmental assessment of demountable/reusable steel systems.

In addition, the event included the launch of the new SCI Steel Reuse Protocol (SCI P427) and a presentation on a related, EPSRC project by Professor Dennis Lam of the University of Bradford.

Presentations from the event include;

  1. Introduction and welcome, Dr Michael Sansom, SCI, UK
  2. Overview of the EU project PROGRESS, Dr Petr Hradil, VTT, Finland
  3. Reusability of existing structural steel, Dr Ana Girao Coelho, SCI, UK
  4. Design of new single-storey steel buildings for reuse, Ricardo Pimentel, SCI, UK
  5. Reuse of steel cladding systems, Prof Markus Kuhnhenne, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  6. Environmental assessment of steel recycling and reuse, Dr Michael Sansom, SCI, UK
  7. Evaluation of single-storey building design using reclaimed steel, Prof Daniel Viorel Ungureanu, University of Timisoara, Romania
  8. Steel construction protocol launch, Dr Michael Sansom, SCI, UK
  9. Overview of the REDUCE project, Dr Michael Sansom, SCI, UK
  10. Demountable and reusable composite floor systems, Prof Mark Lawson, University of Surrey and SCI
  11. Economic and environmental assessment of demountable composite beams, Jan-Pieter den Hollander, Bouwen met Staal, NL
  12. Demountable car parks, Prof Milan Veljkovic, Delft University of Technology, NL
  13. Demountable composite precast systems, Prof Christoph Odenbreit and Andras Kozma, University of Luxembourg
  14. The role of BIM in supporting steel reuse, Nicholas Nisbet, AEC3, UK
  15. Demountable steel connections, Prof Dennis Lam, University of Bradford, UK and Prof Christoph Odenbreit, University of Luxembourg
  16. Overview of the EPSRC REUSE project, Prof Dennis Lam, University of Bradford